Yankee Candle Burn Times

Here’s a short guide to our products - so you’ll be in the know on how long they last and where they’re best used.

Original Large Jar Candle

Like our Original Medium Jar Candle, the large surface area offers a great throw for larger rooms.

Burn Time: 110-150 hours

Weight: 623g

Original Medium Jar Candle

With up to 75 hours fragrance, and a large wax pool, these are great in bigger rooms.

Burn Time: 65-75 hours

Weight: 411g

Original Small Jar Candle

We love to use these in small rooms, and give them as gifts.

Burn Time: 20-30 hours

Weight: 104g

Votive Candle

These are great for sampling new scents to discover a new favourite.

Burn Time: Up to 15 hours

Weight: 49g

Wax Melts

For use with our classic and electric Wax Burners - these are a great way to fragrance without the flame. With a strong fragrance throw, use in large rooms such as living rooms and dining rooms.

Burn Time: Up to 8 hours

Weight: 22g

Scented Tea Light Candles

Create an ambiance by grouping several Tea Light Candles together with our Tea Light Candle Holders. Fantastic for decorating with fragrance. 12 per box.

Burn Time: 4-6 hours

Weight: 9.8g per Tea Light

Filled Votives

Yankee Candle® Filled Votives come in the same true-to-life fragrances as our larger candles, making these tiny treats an easy (and adorable) way to try something new.

Burn Time: 7-10 Hours

Weight: 37g

Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffuser

Innovative, dry to the touch reeds for powerful fragrance without the spills.

Fragrance Time: Up to 6 weeks per reed

5 Reeds per Pack

Reed Diffuser

The Yankee Candle® Reed Diffuser creates a welcoming environment, enhancing the moments in any room.

Fragrance Time: Up to 10 weeks

Volume: 120ml

ScentPlug Refill

These come in handy two-packs, and work ideally in hallways all day long. To be used with our Plug In Air Fresheners, that allow you to adjust your fragrance intensity to your choice.

Fragrance Time: Up to 4 weeks

Volume: 18.5ml

Sleep Diffuser

Releases a soothing mist to create a calming atmosphere for a restful night's sleep!

Fragrance Time: 30 nights

Volume: 14ml

Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup

To use in our Scenterpiece warmers, these allow you to change scents in seconds easily and fragrance whole areas of your home.

Fragrance Time: Approx. 24 hours

Weight: 61g

Fragrance Spheres

These fragrance beads are ideal for small spaces that you want to keep fresh - such as bathrooms and utility cupboards. Pair these with our fragrance sphere holders to add a decorative touch.

Fragrance Time: 30 days

Weight: 170g

Car Jar®

Fragrance that goes everywhere! Great for cars and small spaces at home.

Fragrance Time: Up to 4 weeks

Weight: 12g

Car Jar® Ultimate

Neutralise odours and freshen the air in vehicles and small spaces, such as gym lockers and pet areas.

Fragrance Time: Up to 4 weeks

Weight: 30g

Car Vent Stick

Fastens securely to vehicle dash vents. Great Yankee Candle® fragrance on-the-go! 

Fragrance Time: Up to 2 weeks per stick

Weight: 29g

Car Powered Fragrance

Using the car's built in 12v power outlet, offers an alternative way to provide long lasting fragrance on the go!

Fragrance Time: Up to 60 days

Weight: 70g

Sidekick® Car Fragrance

The sleek Sidekick® Vent Clip design offers a beautiful way to personalise your journey.

Fragrance Time: Up to 30 days

Weight: Starter Pack 48g, Refill 22g